UKnadian Summer – Choreographer’s log

ORIGINS One of the activities that I felt was necessary to the development of both UKnadian, and my voice as a choreographer, was to learn dance from the region my Baba is from in the Ukraine. Through this process I have been lucky enough to find access through contacts and friends to help me understand… Continue reading UKnadian Summer – Choreographer’s log


UKnadian Summer – The Beginning

A lot has happened with UKnadian since we last checked in! Last July was spent focusing on the nurturing of the work's themes and movement, expanding on accompanied text, and the learning and integrating of Ukrainian dance. The following four blog posts are to give you a peek into the second stage of creative process… Continue reading UKnadian Summer – The Beginning


Introducing: UKnadian CREATION PHASE 2

If this is your first time connecting with 'UKnadian' - WELCOME! Please feel free to peruse this blog to find information on the first stage of development. Recap: The first stage of development of 'UKnadian' focused on choreographer & performer Amelia Griffin's female family; her British Grandmother and mother, and her Ukrainian Baba (Grandmother). The impulse for the… Continue reading Introducing: UKnadian CREATION PHASE 2


Week 5 – Choreographer’s log

FURTHER DEVELOPMENTS Greetings! I'm surprised at being at Week 5 already, but also encouraged at the steady rate of development of the work. Yesterday I had a rehearsal alone at the Ottawa Dance Directive to further develop the movement. It gave me some time to review existing material (big phrase, gesture phrase) play with some footwork… Continue reading Week 5 – Choreographer’s log


Gillie + Millie: Text Workshop Weekend

      I have to start this post by saying that I love my Mum. So, so much. Not only is she an incredible physiologist and scientist who writes guidelines for ethical and humane treatment of animals in Canada, she's also a published poet who has a sensitive and unique artistic voice. Her book of… Continue reading Gillie + Millie: Text Workshop Weekend

TACTICS · Uncategorized


Dear followers and friends! I am over-the-moon-excited to announce that 'UKnadian' will be presented in TACTICS - Theatre Arts Collective: The Independent Series 2017 season as a work-in-progress showing at Arts Court Theatre. SHOWS: Tuesday, May 2nd at 6:30-7:30pm + Friday, May 5th, 6:30-7:30pm A big thank you to the folks behind TACTICS, with a special… Continue reading SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT!