Amelia Griffin would like to acknowledge she is creating this piece on unceded and stolen Algonquin territory of the Anishnaabe people on Turtle Island.

U.K. + Umoikrainian + Canadian = Amelia Griffin’s ‘UKnadian’ identity explorations.
I am not fully British, Ukrainian, nor Canadian. What does that mean for how I move in the world?
This new self-choreographed solo from contemporary dance choreographer Amelia Griffin explores personal themes of lineage, womanhood, displacement, immigration, inter-generational trauma, and colonialism. How do my epigenetic connections to my ancestors affect my presence in the current world?
It is also a general answer to the question, ‘You Canadian?’, to which I never know the answer…

Honesty. Fusion. Inclusion. Humour. Response.

Amelia Griffin is a contemporary dance artist, with a career spanning a decade in the Ottawa/Gatineau region on Algonquin territory. Primarily a performer for local dance companies(2), Griffin has been involved in numerous community collaborations and opportunities, working with folks from a variety of ages, abilities, cultural identities, and experience in dance.
Alongside performing, teaching, and facilitating, Griffin has also presented her own choreographic contemporary dance-theatre work(1) since 2006. Griffin’s distinctive movement-style speaks to the many influences and training in her life. Movements stem from her professional contemporary dance and ballet training at The School of Dance, to reflections of pluralism and inclusivity, to absorbing and playing back movements from the people in her community. She aims to fearlessly translate real stories through dance-theatre to allow space for non-verbal communication in a unique form of story-telling.

(1) Choreography

The Ghomeshi Effect (The Gladstone Theatre & Shenkman Arts Centre, 2017)

feelers (Patrick Gordon Framing, 2012 + Grounded, 2014 + TACTICS, 2015)

‘Having Held You’ (NAC 4th Stage, 2011)

‘allied pickfords’ (La Nouvelle Scène, 2006)

(2) Local companies

Propeller Dance (2011-ongoing)

Dorsale Danse (2008-ongoing)

Platypus Theatre (2012-ongoing)

Tara Luz Danse (2007-2017)