Week 5 – Choreographer’s log


Greetings! I’m surprised at being at Week 5 already, but also encouraged at the steady rate of development of the work.

Braid week 5
Yesterday I had a rehearsal alone at the Ottawa Dance Directive to further develop the movement. It gave me some time to review existing material (big phrase, gesture phrase) play with some footwork ideas, and sketch out a rough draft of what this piece may look like. In the background my Mum, Gillie, has been cooking up a great start to the text. This has helped me gather my thoughts, and see where these texts may exist in relation to the movement sketch.

I would like to share with you where the big phrase is at now. Check the ‘big phrase’ link above to see where it started. Now see how additions of gestures, timing, editing, and precision has pared this down to a more refined version of this phrase. The next step will be to work with my Outside Eye Allison Burns on applying these concepts: repetition, reversal, replacement, reducing, augmenting, and speed. This will allow the movement to breathe a little and add texture to the phrase.

For now, here is where the phrase is at now! Please enjoy and always feel free to give feedback in the comments below!

Amelia xo


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