Week 4 – Choreographer’s log

Braids week 2 GESTURE PHRASE

The past few weeks have been hectic in other areas of my life and career, it was a bit of ‘n’importe quoi’, as my t-shirt suggests!

My remedy at that time was to keep-it-moving. Now after a break, it seems letting-it-rest is the necessary next step. Because of that rest I came to rehearsals this week with a fresh perspective, and a honed eye for what I’m looking for movement-wise. I do believe that we all need a moment to step back and take a breather sometimes. It’s a very healthy thing to do, and helps the brain process what’s there, and what’s needed.

In creation it’s helpful to have different kinds of movements and phrases available to you to work with. So far you have seen a phrase of connected movements in my first blog post . This phrase has been evolving as the weeks progress into something I really love, but have been spending lots of time developing – almost too much time. I realized this week that I needed to build a different kind of movement phrase built on ‘gestures’; generally hand and arm movements that include the upper body. This is helpful to have in my movement-bank both to fuse with bigger moves, to add moments of simplicity and clarity to the larger choreography, and also to have smaller moves that can be performed on the spot.

Here is the first step towards a gesture phrase that I’ll be developing over the next few weeks. 

It is based on improvised movements of these words:

  • Weave
  • Nourishment
  • Birth, breath, death cycle
  • Crowns & regality.

Do you see them represented? I then chose the ones that represented these words best for me, and developed them into a continuous phrase of movement. As per usual, feel free to share your thoughts about this phrase in the comments below!


Thanks for reading, and again – share your comments below!

Amelia xo


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