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Week 2+3 – Choreographer’s log


The past two weeks of rehearsal I was honestly swimming in a pool of history, movement, and what seemed like too many ideas, and too much to say. I feel bathed and soaked in my female ancestors, but also drowning in information.
It has been time to reflect, to keep moving, and to sit with all this information.
I realize one big detail that I need to remind myself of, and communicate here, is that I see this creation happening over two to three years and this is really the first dip of my toes into the vast ocean of stories and connections that have come before me. I suppose the past two weeks have been a beautiful, albeit overwhelming dive!

That said, I have managed to tell myself to ‘keep it moving’, and have whittled a lot of movement exploration down to a phrase that I really like. This phrase of movement weaves gestural representations of braiding hair, and braiding braid, of contemporary dance movements, and my ballet training, and of reflections from my Mum’s poem ‘Lunch on the Hill’ which explored going to visit my Baba’s (her mother in law) grave with my Dad and his sisters.

In contrast, I have also had some time to sit and reflect.

This piece feel right.

This piece is right to do right now,

and this piece brings me peace.

For now, I enter the deep, soulful, and dark waters of the women who carried the elements of my being in their soft wombs, and continue to step into the studio, into these women, into the known and unknown parts of us.

Enter odd space.jpg


With love, Amelia




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